The ABC’s of GRATITUDE — perfect for the season


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A friend of mine and I were talking about gratitude. Who doesn’t at this time of year?

She’s been reading Dr. Rick Hanson’s books and she summarized what he said about exactly HOW we can be grateful with ABC:

A     be mindful of your ASSETS

B      be aware of the BEAUTIFUL

C      take in how people CARE about you

I love mnemonics and I really like this one.

Abe mindful of your ASSETS

Thanks to everyone who attended or shared the recent readings in Austin’s Book People and BookWoman bookstores. Thanks especially to Dos Gatos Press and to the Austin Writer Grrls! What a way to start December! 

BookPeople in December 2013

BookPeople in December 2013


And yes, I do talk with my hands. I also illustrate what I am saying with my hands. Those are some of my assets!




Book Woman December, 2013

Book Woman December, 2013

 Bbe aware of the BEAUTIFUL

We are coming to the winter solstice, or winter setsubun (Japanese, meaning literally separation of the seasons).  The different cultures celebrate differently. No surprise. But they all do celebrate. And, beautifully! Although Hanukkah is over, Christmas and Kwanzaa are about to begin. I’ll  fill with some beauty of the holidays.

I found this menorah on line. Isn’t it magnificent?                                           Hanukkah menorah

Hanukkah menorah 


In the city where I live, Christmas decorations are big, really big! There are several contests and many houses have awards. For example, “First Place—Joyful.”

Christmas tree in Berlin

Christmas tree in Berlin


And to my friends who celebrate Kwanza, Happy Kwanza, may each day bring you joy and connection and friendship and love!

Days of Kwanzaa

Days of Kwanzaa


This is the C—take in how people CARE about you

Last month I was given the opportunity to meet the  Counsel General  Nozomu Takaoka and his wife, Yumi Takaoka with the members of the Japan American Society of San Antonio (JASSA). JASSA included  Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai as part of the gifts to the Councel. It was a spectacular evening.  I am way in the back, (if you’re looking for me in the picture) enjoying myself talking with Carol Johnson, a long time Japanophile and  creator of spectacular origami. 

Counsel General and Japan America Society of San Antonio

Counsel General and Japan America Society of San Antonio

 I wish for everyone an ABC season!

A     be mindful of your ASSETS

   B      be aware of the BEAUTIFUL

                 C      take in how people CARE about you

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