Barbara LazarI’m Barbara Lazar, author of THE PILLOW BOOK OF THE FLOWER SAMURAI.

My writings consist of historical fiction, memoir, children’s and young adult, poetry, book reviews, technical writing and scripts.

The woman in the artwork above is from an illustrated  scroll from Tale of the Genji and represents  an epitome of the feminine beauty in Heian Japan (794-1185).

My debut novel, THE PILLOW BOOK OF THE FLOWER SAMURAI is described as “a well-researched 12th century historical novel about a Japanese peasant girl who emerges as a samurai and the wife of a powerful nobleman. She truly lived and fought on the losing side of the great civil (Genpei) war. Her skills as a samurai and as a former Woman-for-Play rescue the Emperor and her honor, and her life inspires a new samurai code of ethics.”

You can read an excerpt of my book. You can also watch the book trailer below:



Yes, there is a sequel. The Samurai’s Daughter is nearing completion.  Here is how I envision the protagonist, Chiyoko, whose name means a ‘child of a thousand generations.’

Of course The Samurai’s Daughter has the archery, the stories, the poems, the fighting and the honor of Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai. Many of the characters from the first book return in this one.

I’m starting another contest (see below) and offering the first chapter of this new book to the first five people.


The first five people or groups to send me their email address, either  by going to CONTACT or sending their email address to my PO Box,(PO Box 34642 San Antonio, TX 78265), will receive a PDF of the first chapter of The Samurai’s Daughter, the sequel to Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai. 

Thank you.

Barbara Lazar



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  4. Dearest Barbara,

    I do pray that you recognize my name ( Cindie’s friend). I assisted you for a brief period and wanted to thank you profusely for being a mentor created in heaven ?. Since meeting you I have not given up my dream of someday writing .
    Please reach out to me whenever possible so that we are able to catch up on our lives.
    Again “thank you ” for being such a kind soul ? Marta

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